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Secwepemc Timeline 1918 - 1960

Waiting for  the Game Warden circa 1892

The years after World War I were busy ones. The interior of British Columbia continued to be developed. Veterans lost their Indian status, they were not allowed to hire lawyers to represent their interests, Residential Schools continued the process of assimilation for the greater good.


Ottawa enacts Bill 13, which overrode the need for Native consent. Canada passes the BC Indian Land Settlement Act, reducing the reserve land to less than 36% of the total area of BC. Bill 14 empowered the enfranchisement or removal of Indians from status. Indians who fought in the wars or worked and lived off reserve lost their Indian status.


New Indian residential school built at Kamloops, B.C.


Chief Parrish travels to England to petition the British government. He is intercepted by the High Commissioner of Canada and persuaded to return home without meeting anyone.


An amendment to the Indian Act, S141, is passed prohibiting Indians from raising money for advancing land claims, filing court cases on land claims or retaining a lawyer. Mandatory attendance at Indian residential schools is enacted.


BC Order-in-Council 1036 gives final conveyance of title to Indian Reserve in BC to the Federal Government.

1939 to 1945

World War II and the fight for freedom. Many Secwepemc people volunteer to fight in the war.


BC and Canada agreement requires the province to get one half of the mining revenues and the other half to Canada for the benefit of Indians in the province subject to Indian agents veto.


Diamond Jenness, Indian Affairs official, proposes a 25 Year Plan to liquidate the Indian Problem


BC Indians are granted the right to vote in provincial elections.


The Indian Act is revised. S. 141 is deleted as well as anti-potlatch law.


Indians are given the right to vote in federal elections.

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