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Dan Saul holds the Secwepemc Staff outside of the Secwepemc Museum


Land of the Shuswap a site containing Secwepemc Stories, Landmarks and Place Names is part of an ongoing mandate to preserve the Secwepemc Language and Culture.

The George Manuel Institute and the Neskonlith Indian Band's goal was to develop a School curriculum around the Secwepemc language, stories, songs dances landmarks and place names. We hope that this site will be an atlas of the Secwepemc Culture.

We would like at this time to express our sincere gratitude to the Canadian Culture On line program. Without their financial assistance this website would not have been created.

Many Thanks to those who gave of their time and energy to create the original site. Now as we revise the website we are reminding of how many persons gave so much time and energy to this project. Thank you to:

  • Judy Manuel, Secwepemc Cultural Education Society
  • Dan Saul, Secwepemc Cultural Education Society Museum
  • Kathy Manuel, Secwepemc News
  • Robert Matthew, Chief Atahm School
  • Barbara Morin, George Manuel Institute
  • Dave Calver, Neskonlith Band
  • Celia Nord, Chase Museum
  • Joan Cowan, Enderby Museum
  • Elizabeth Duckworth, Kamloops Museum
  • Susan Cross, Kamloops Museum
  • Janice R. Billy, Project Coordinator/Researcher
  • Web Development, Raven In the Moon, Don and Alexa Pongracz
  • Doreen Manuel, Website Contributor
  • Art Manuel, Website Contributer
  • Christine Billy, Photographer
  • Meina Nakashima, Photographer
  • Blaine Sampson, Video recorder
  • Ron Ignace, Website Contributor
  • Marianne Ignace, Website Contributor
  • Jeff Eustache, Shuswap Nation Tribal Council
  • Mona Jules, Website Contributor
  • Dr. Mary Thomas
  • Lawrence Michel
  • Ethel Billy
  • Flora Sampson
  • Irene Billy
  • Virginia Basil
  • Doug Perry’s Recording Studio
  • Robin Frazier, Website Consultant
  • Neskie Manuel, the inspiration for retrieving this site and re-establishing its presence on the internet


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