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View of the river near Chase, Neskonlth Reserve

Did the Secwepemc always live on Indian reserves?

No, the Secwepemc were placed on Indian reserves in 1861 as the Federal and Provincial government made way for settlement.

What contributed to cultural, language and spiritual loss of the Secwepemc?

Many factors contributed to cultural, language, and spiritual loss of the Secwepemc, the biggest factor was the placement of children in residential schools where they were forbidden to speak their Native language.

What is the traditional territory of the Secwepemc?

The territory of the Secwepemc extends from the Columbia River Valley on the east slope of the Rocky Mountains to the Fraser River on the west and from the upper Fraser River in the north to the Arrow Lakes in the south.

Where did the Secwepemc come from?

The Secwepemc were placed on their lands by the Creator. They have lived on their lands since time began.

What was Secwepemc culture, language and spirituality based upon?

The Secwepemc culture, language, and spirituality is based on the land. All knowledge, beliefs and values come from the land.


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