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The north end of Adams Lake

Mumix is an important hunting area for moose and deer. It is approximately 75 miles from the Adams Lake and Neskonlith reserves so hunters set up hunting camps at Mumix and stay there until they get their game. The people also pick huckleberries and other berries at Mumix. The people also gather cedar roots for baskets and harvest medicines in the area.

Tod Mountain at Sun Peaks

Skwelkwekwelt is an important hunting area for moose and deer. Traditionally, the people set up hunting camps where they would dry enough moose and deer meat for the entire winter supply. Many roots and medicines were harvested by the people at Skwelkwekwelt. This traditional use area is being destroyed by major expansion to the Sun Peaks Ski resort and by logging.

Revelstoke, B. C.

St’gil’xtn is within the traditional territory of the Lakes Secwepemc. It is an important hunting and trapping area. Traditionally, the Secwepemc would trap many furs in the area. It is also an important huckleberry picking area. The Secwepemc also fished in the area lakes at different seasons.

Scotch Creek
Cwkwikwuyt is located at what is now known as Scotch Creek, B. C. It is an important hunting and berry picking area. The people also gather cedar roots and birch bark for baskets in this area. Traditionally, Cwkwikwuyt was a camping site as the people traveled over the mountains to the north end of Adams Lake.

The area on the north side of the Neskonlith reserve
Celewt is located on the north side of the South Thompson River on the Neskonlith reserve. Traditionally it was a huge settlement. You can find the depressions in the ground from the winter home sites. Many salmon drying racks were set up along the river as the people speared the salmon in the fall. Ice fishing was done in the winter months. Today the Neskonlith people still go night spearing on the river and smoke the salmon they way it was done traditionally.

All the land within the Secwepemc territory

The territory of the Secwepemc extends from the Columbia River Valley on the east slope of the Rocky Mountains to the Fraser River on the west and from the upper Fraser River in the north to the Arrow Lakes in the south. Secwepemc territory covers a vast area; approximately 180,000 square km.




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