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Marcus Chase, Boer War

There were many who fought, and some who lost their life. Here we feature a few of the Secwepmec Veterans.

Marcus Chase, Son of Whitfield Chase and Elizabeth (Persoons) Chase, fought in the Boer War. He was the oldest son, he came back from the war and died in 1909 or 1910. The Chase family was a mixed family with a white father and Secwepemc mother. Chase, near the Neskonlith and Adam's Lake reserves is a town that Whitfield Chase helped to create and build.

Although Aboriginal people could not vote they served Canada in both World Wars and in the Boer War. Like other Canadians they fought as volunteers.


David Chase, son of Elizabether Chase was the youngest child. This photograph was taken at when he enlisted, around 1914. He came home from the war. David Chase, World War I Veteran
Whitfield Haldane, died in World War I This is a photograph of Whitfield Haldane, grandson of Whitfield and Elizabeth Chase. He did not come home but died in World War One at 27 years, Tuesday June 4, 1918. Whitfield was buried in France at Wailly Orchard Cemetary , Pas de Calais. This photo was taken when he enlisted circa 1916-1917.


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